Its quite a while…

… since I posted on here. Since then I started playing the clarinet and entertaining the birds in the garden here at baan3ongs.


Grey Wind

I drove home last night under a dark lowering sky, happy to be reaching shelter before the storm broke over Baan3ongs. The birds were doing the same, rushing back to their nests. A moment and feeling to capture.

Ive been working at trying to play the shakuhachi zen flute for a while, one made from pvc plumbing pipe which was given to me by my friend Mehdi.

If I never play another tune I would be content with this one.

Wat Don Wai market near Salaya

We took a trip out to Wat Don Wai on the west side of #Bangkok near Mahidol University and enjoyed wandering around the riverside market. Highly reccommended for travellers to see a genuine thai river market.

Ive started a bit of a new project called #youngatheart or #richardcrookesyoungatheart so expect to see mch more content around my blog.

Enjoy the video

Never a dull moment


Sitting in traffic, as anyone knows who lives in Bangkok, is something you just have to get used to. No wonder Thailand is one of the most active social media countries. You do have to find something to do to while away the hours.
This morning was no exception but Bangkok always delivers with something unusual to marvel at. I snapped this from the car as I was stuck at the lights. I was going nowhere…but this guy was different.

Ice cream cone man